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  1. Bangla ADDA was started by Srimati Sanhita Mallik while a student in Japan and it closed after several years. Adaa had great social and cultural value and reincarted by the efforts of Indira,Prof Saumen of Sunny NY and several devoted bongos. However the demise came due some one “Sarbajanta” who was impolite, disrespectable and downright ………….(unprintable)

    I remember its social value as people locater. One Bengali gentleman was in Canada and had no contact with his family in India, his mother was suffering from terminal illnes, some one inIndia posted for help in locating the gentleman and could provide name and surname only. One Gentleman in Canada contacted all bongo putras and kanyas with the same or canadized surnamedelivered the message. I think it was a great service.

    As there is No more Adda, The BC Bengali was strangulated by the then Chief minister of Bengal, waht was his name?

    It is a shame that we bongos are incapable to run and maintain a free , not for profit, social Network. WE are supposed to be ahighly forward and educated people.

    If sufficient numbers of volunteers come forward we may attempt to revive ADDa again in which all are equaland share respect to all and are ready to have good time.
    Krishnadatta Purohit
    915 307 6724

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