Mahabharata Episode 15: The Killing of Jarasandha and The Rajasuya Sacrifice

Bhima Slays Jarasandha

Bhima Slays Jarasandha

Jarasandha, the mighty King of Magadha, was feared by everybody, including the almighty Lord Krishna. Jarasandha planned to offer one hundred Kings as human sacrifice to his Lord. He had captured eighty-six of them and was in the process of capturing fourteen more to complete his mission. Krishna takes Bheema and Arjuna with him to Magadha to kill Jarasandha and release the captive kings.

After killing Jarasandha, the Pandava brothers begin their conquest of the land of Bharata to win the allegiance of the Kings.  Soon all the Pandavas eliminate all obstacles for the Rajasuya sacrifice and begin to prepare for the great ceremony.

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One thought on “Mahabharata Episode 15: The Killing of Jarasandha and The Rajasuya Sacrifice

  1. Hello Sudipta and Avi,

    Loving the podcast! Please keep up the excellent work!!
    I’m listening it on Apple Podcast but there’s a bit of a problem with some episodes playing. It says “This episode is temporarily unavailable from “The Stories of Mahabharata”. Today episodes 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 are all unavailable. I haven’t checked more, since I do not want to skip so many. It’s breaking up the storylink.
    Can you please look into it?

    Thank you! 🙂

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