Mahabharata Episode 22: Draupadi’s Argument

Krishna fights Salwa and his Vimana (airship) Sauvanagar

Krishna fights Salwa and his Vimana (airship) Sauvanagar

The Pandavas are now in exile in the forest. One day Krishna visits the Pandavas in the forest to express his solidarity.  He apologizes for not being able to attend the game of dice and stop this misfortune from befalling on the Pandavas. He then tells the Pandavs the story of how he destroyed King Salwa and his airship (Vimana) called Sauvanagar.  Later, Draupadi rebukes Yudhistira for his pacifism and challenges him to fight the Kauravas and win back their Kingdom.  Yudhistira tries to defend his stand, but he feels that time has come to change his course of action. 

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