Actors Needed

ECTA (Ethnomedia Center for Theater Arts) is looking for two actors for their upcoming theater production (“Baanaprastha” written by Sudipta Bhawmik and directed by Indranil Mukherjee) to be staged in fall 2008. A brief description of the characters are given below. Interested person may please contact by email to either or Actors may be called for a brief audition.

Character A: Bengali speaking male, mid to late twenties, tall and thin built.

Character B: Bengali speaking female, late teen – early twenties.

Actors must be committed to the rehearsal schedule and all stage productions of the show and should posses the passion to act.
Please note that this is a voluntary service and ECTA will not compensate the actors or the crew either financially or by any other means.

A Brief Note on ECTA:

ECTA (Ethnomedia Center for Theater Arts) Inc. is a not-for profit community theater company dedicated to produce and stage quality theater. ECTA’s past productions include, “Phera”, “Alibaba”, “Kalsudhhi”, “The Redemption”, “Durghatana”, “Ron” and “Satyameva”. ECTA has staged plays all across USA and also in India. ECTA’s mission is “to tell our own stories through theater.”

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