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Amitabh BachchanBlogging by celebrities is a trend that has caught on for quite some time now. But in most cases the celebrities use the blog to market their latest products, films, music, whatever. Blogging regularly, in the midst of their busy schedule, is quite a challenge for any celebrity. Still some find the time to do it, besides the marketing aspect, just to be connected to their fans – sometimes even to show the people a different side of their personality which is never exposed through the medium they generally use.
One of the most popular celebrity blog these days (at least in India) is the one by Big B – Amitabh Bachchan (I am not including the link here – visit my web collage page and find it for yourself). When I first read the blog (few months ago), I thought may be this was just another PR channel operated by some ghost blogger on behalf of Mr. Bachchan. But after closely following the blog for some time, my impression started to change. The regularity with which the blog is published, the subtle little details that he writes, his minute observations, thoughts and expressions are too real to be emulated by a ghost writer. This blog surely brings Mr. Bachchan much closer to his fans, makes him a real person. It is the next best thing to sitting next to him on a quite afternoon and chatting away about the so-called trivialities of life. And I must mention that his writing skills are extraordinary. Just like his acting skills, he can touch his reader’s heart through his writings too – almost instantaniously. When he writes about his father’s feelings when he was admitted to the hospital after a near fatal injury on the set of Cooly, or when he writes about his feelings regarding the terrorist attacks in Delhi – one can almost hear him speaking in his soulful voice.
I would like to request Mr. Bachchan to use his extraordinary writing skills to write a memoir of his struggles, his successes and failures, his joys and sorrows and share with us. I am sure it will be an international best seller.

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