Freedom Writers

Hilary SwankJust finished watching the movie “Freedom Writers”. It is such an intense, moving and at the same time inspiring film that I’d recommend it to everyone who loves movies. Based on a true story about an LA school, the film depicts how a teacher can change the lives of his or her students. Hilary Swank gives an wonderful performance (if I recall correctly, she was nominated for an Oscar for this role) and so does her students. If you haven’t seen the film, pick up a DVD copy and watch it right away.

2 thoughts on “Freedom Writers

  1. Just watched the movie for a second time and was moved to comment. To all the students that attended her class..Your all blessed to be part of something that shows no matter where we come from, we can over come anything a racist United States School system can try to stop…God bless America

  2. I loved the movie the freedom writers. the movie was really great and inspiring just to know that the kids in mrs. gruwells class can rely on her when they have problems because she is trying to make a difference and thats really awsome:)

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