In Conversation with Binayak Bandopadhyay

Binayak Bandopadhyay at the EBC Radio Studio

Binayak Bandopadhyay at the EBC Radio Studio

Recently, Binayak Bandopadhyay took few days off from his busy schedule as a fellow at the prestigious Iowa University International Writers Program (IWP) and visited us in New Jersey. I jumped on this opportunity and invited him to our EBC Drama Club to talk about his works – poetry and prose. Binayak, who is regarded as one of the most promising writers in Bengali language, is never tired of speaking about his favorite topic – literature. In this session, Binayak reads from his works (translated to English) and talks about his experience at the IWP in Iowa which has been attended earlier by stalwarts like Sunil Ganguly, Sankha Ghosh, Joy Goswami, Kabita Singha and others. Subrata Bhaumik, a local literary enthusiast also joined us at the studio and made the discussion even livelier. Listen to this episode and don’t hesitate to give us your comment.

One thought on “In Conversation with Binayak Bandopadhyay

  1. Sudipta:

    This is a very stimulating discussion. Enjoyed listening. Thanks for organizing it and shaing with us. It’s too bad there wasn’t enough time to include more of Binayak Banerjee’s wonderful Bengali poems. Congratulations to Binayak Banerjee and once again thank you and Subrata.

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