Krittibas: A Poetry Magazine That Created History

A magazine devoted to poetry only is not what you can find on regular news stands or magazine stalls. The limited readership scares away the publishers from venturing into such an enterprise. They’d rather get into a safer business of publishing prose with some esoteric ones plugging in few poems in between. But Krittibas is an exception. A 100% poetry magazine, published by poets, for the poetry lovers of Bengal. Such magazines, typically branded as “Little magazines”, have a limited life span. They die as soon as their founders either go broke (trying to fund the magazine) or find something better to do with their time. However, that was not the case with Krittibas. The founders of the magazine which included Sunil Ganguly and some of his friends, made it possible to keep the magazine going for more than fifty years now with Sunil still at its helm (although being an extremely busy celebrity writer himself.) Kriitibas had some ups and downs during this long period, but it kept on reviving and surviving. The poetry loving Bengalis all over the world kept it going for their own cultural survival.
Thanks to Gautam Dutta, Krittibas is now available in USA allowing us not only to enjoy the finest of Bengali poetry, but also to contribute towards the continued survival of this prized Bengali cultural icon. To subscribe to Krittibas ($25/annum for four issues mailed to you), contact Gautam Dutta at .
In the following podcast, I read two poems from the latest issue of Krittibas. One by Gautam Dutta and the other by late Tarapada Ray.
Read more about Krittibas from its website .

2 thoughts on “Krittibas: A Poetry Magazine That Created History

  1. Nice collection about variety of poems and they are very needed for me because i am a teacher of small children it surely help them to learn a different thing from it.
    Thanks for your time post this post.

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