Limbaugh’s Slumdogs

Rush Limbaugh once again pushed the limit of political correctness – this time referring to workers handling outsourced jobs in India as “slumdogs”.

Responding to a listener’s call about flight of jobs, Limbaugh referred to President Obama’s statement that the jobs aren’t coming back to US. He said, “They’re outsourced for a reason, an economic reason, and they’re not coming back. If you’re sitting out waiting for a job that’s now being done by a slumdog in India, and you’re waiting for that job to be cancelled, for the slumdog to be thrown out of work, and you to get the job, it ain’t going to happen.”
The news has been widely published by the Indian media and has raised a storm of protests.

Limbaugh is not new to controversy. He has mocked Obama on his program, including playing a parody song titled ‘Barack the Magic Negro’. This is a free country and Rush has the right to say whatever he wants. But we the listeners are also free to tune off from Limbuagh’s show, boycott the merchants who advertise on his show, as well as raise our voice.

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