Mahabharata Episode 42: Bheem Kills Keechak

The Killing of Keechak

Bhim Killing Keechak

In the kingdom of Virat, the Panadvas have been spending their thirteenth year in exile. As per the contract, they had to live in disguise such that nobody could recognize them as the rulers of Indraprastha. Draupadi served the queen of Virat, Sudeshna, as her personal maid Sairindhri. But she couldn’t keep her beauty hidden from the lustful eyes of men in the palace. When Keechak, the arrogant and powerful brother of queen Sudeshna and the general of King Virat’s army, laid his eyes on Sairindhri, he couldn’t control himself. ┬áHe made an indecent proposal to Draupadi and when refused he reacted in the most brutal manner. Insulted and humiliated, Draupadi complained to Bheem, and Keechak had to pay for his insolent behavior with his life.

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