Mahabharata Episode 52 : The Story of Sikhandi


Sikhandi, Amba, Bhisma

The war of Kurukshetra is imminent. The Kauravas and the Pandavas prepare to engage in the battlefield. The day before the war, the Kaurava generals meet to formulate their strategy. Bhisma, tells Duryodhan and his men, that although he is obliged to fight the war on behalf of the throne, he has some conditions of his own. And one of these conditions is that he’d never fight Sikhandi, the son of King Drupad. If Sikhandi ever attacked him, he’d put down his bow and accept whatever weapon SIkhandi hurls at him. Curious, Duryodhan asks why he’d impose such an odd condition. Bhishma then narrates the tale of Sikhandi and explains why he took such a vow. Click the link below and listen to the amazing tale of Sikhandi.

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