Mahabharata Episode 54: The Bhagabad Gita

Bhagabad Gita

Arjun listens to the enlightening words from Krishna.

On the first day of the war, Krishna drives Arjuna’s chariot to the middle of the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Watching Bhishma, Drona, Kripa and many of his relatives and friends assembled on the Kaurava side as his opponent, Arjuna is struck by an overwhelming sense of grief and despair. How could he kill the people whom he had loved, respected and grew up with? Arjun felt his strength being sapped off his body. He puts down his bow and declines to fight. Krishna then enlightens and inspires Arjuna with great words of wisdom that is now known to the world as the Bhagabad Gita.

Listen to this great episode by clicking the player below.

4 thoughts on “Mahabharata Episode 54: The Bhagabad Gita

  1. U post these episodes very late.. u cannot expect people to wait for months for a single episode… u will lose audience. please try to post them at the earliest.

  2. Dear Mr Sudipta, My blind son Krishna knows many slokas from Bhagavath Gita. I just opened your podcast first time Mahabharata Episode 54 & he is listening & enjoying.
    Mr Sudipta, I feel intrigued about how you managed to remain connected with Hindu philosophy living in USA for a such long time & find time, energy & finance to create these wonderful podcasts!
    You have done a commendable work in the production of these podcasts including the way you have used your excellent voice & background music, and I am keen to know how many people have listened to your podcasts on Mahabharata so far. How can we make your podcasts more famous in the world? Thus you will make our Hindu Sanatan Dharma popular across the world with today’s technology, advantage which unfortunately Swami Vivekananda didn’t have when He spoke in World Parliament of Religion in Chicago on another 9/11 in 1893. Unfortunately, we don’t even have a recording of his very powerful speech in his own voice.
    Do you have a channel on YouTube & presence on other social media on these very crucial episodes to make our Hindu Spirituality more popular to world audiences?
    Kanchan Majumdar

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