Mahabharata Episode 61 – Day Eleven of the War – Duryodhan appoints Dron as the commander-in chief

Duryodhana appoints Dronacharya_as_commander-in chief

Duryodhana appoints Dronacharya_as_commander-in chief

On the eleventh day morning, Karna visits the great Kaurava patriarch Bhishma lying on a bed of arrows to seek his blessings. Meanwhile in the Kaurava camp, Duryodhan is in a fix to select his new commander-in chief. After deliberation with his advisors and especially Karna, he appoints Dronacharya as the commander in chief to lead the Kaurava army in the battle. Dron, pleased by Duryodhan’s trust and honor, promises to capture Yudhistir alive and bring him to Duryodhan in chains.

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