Movie Release : Piyalir Password

Piyalir Password is the first Bengali film shot entirely on locations in the US, particularly in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. The movie has been subtitled in English. For more information

The film will be screened at 2:00 PM on 11th April at the TV Asia Studios, 76 National Road, Edison, NJ 08817

The lead actor of the film Rituparna Sengupta will be present in the beginning of the show and talk about the film.

The film is being presented by Center for Social Change, an organization serving individuals with developmental disabilities for the past 15 years, worlwide.

Tickets are $10 dollars and available online at and Additionally ticket reservations can be made with Sonali Ganguly (tel: 732 203 7310) and Devasish Ray (tel: 240 988 1112)

Raj Basu (703)507-6420 (cell)

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