NABC 2010: A Novel Musical Program

Music and NABC go hand in hand together. Most of the events that happen at any NABC are related to music, and NABC 2010 is no exception either. A slew of musicians, like Abhijeet, Monomoy, Anik, Anwesha, Indrani Sen, Sahaj Ma, Utpal Fakir and many others will be performing at the 2010 NABC at the Atlantic City Convention center. Each performer will enchant the audiences with their solo performances on the grand stages of the convention center. However, this year the host organization Kallol of New Jersey is planning something special with these popular and talented musicians. Named as “Surer Ei Jhar Jhar Jharna”, this program will bring on stage all the musicians together to perform some of the most popular songs over the last fifty years of Bengali music. Starting with the haunting melodies of the sixties to the band music of the contemporary Bengali youth, the program will take its audience through an audio-visual journey that has never been experienced before.

Planned and designed by Pinaki Datta, the program, for the first time, opens the choice of songs to the music loving Bengalis of the World by offering them an option to vote for their favorite tune through the internet. Visit the NABC 2010 website at and vote for your favorite song. The musicians will perform those which gets the highest vote. And if the song you vote becomes the most popular choice, you may even win a prize. The performers will include Indrani Sen, Monomoy, Anik Dhar, Anwesha, Sahaj Ma, Utpal Phakir and Nirmalya. This program will undoubtedly be one of the most popular attractions at the NABC 2010.

The songs on the list are:
2001- 2010
1991- 2000
1981- 1990
1971- 1980
1961- 1970

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