NABC 2010: Youth Programs

One of the greatest challenge of any NABC is to come up with events and programs that can attract and engage the the next generation of young Bengalis. Most of the cultural events that happen on the stages of NABC are of little interest to them. They need their own kind of entertainment and engagement, else they have nothing to do except hang out around the convention center with a long faces while their parents have all the fun. However, the trend seems to be changing over the last few years. The NABC organizing committees are making a conscious effort to come up with events that are targeted towards the young Bengalis of USA.

The youth committee of the 2010 North American Bengali Conference (NABC) has chosen the theme of “Fun, Culture and the Future!” to represent this year’s youth program. Conveners are working hard to make sure that the youth-oriented events are relevant, engaging and fun for our young people. The list of events include live stand-up comedy show by an up and coming comedian from the Indian community. A film and video show plans to encourage our young film makers to showcase their talent.
Do you have an idea for a seminar, workshop or panel discussion that would be interesting? The Youth Committee formally invites you – anyone, regardless of age or background – to submit a proposal for a seminar session. Topic choices are wide open, from social (dating, social media, parental relationships) to cultural, educational, environmental and even job hunting and job resumes. Other topics are also invited. To read more and create a proposal for consideration, go to Seminar Invitation v5.pdf .

Several other events are being planned and worked on, including dance party, fashion and talent shows, games and many many more. For information on the broader Youth Program, go to .

The future of Bengali culture in the North America is in the hands of our young people! So join inĀ  and make this event a memorable one.

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