NJ 101.5 Comments on Asian Americans

From Pamina Bagchi

In Edison, New Jersey, a Korean American is running for mayor in an
upcoming primary race. An April 25th article in the New Jersey Star
Ledger reported that both the Korean American candidate and his
opponent are hoping to receive votes from the Asian American
community. On April 25th, the “Jersey Guys” show [broadcast on
101.5FM] reacted to the article. In doing so, the deejays used racial
and ethnic stereotypes to characterize Asians in New Jersey as
“un-American.” The broadcast also implied that Asian ethnic groups
have taken over businesses and neighborhoods in New Jersey and have
contributed to the region’s economic failings.
For a copy of the letter that has been sent by organizations, please
email saalt@saalt.org and visit saalt.org for more info.
Please call, email, and/or write the manager and parent company of the
station to protest against this irresponsible broadcast. In addition,
you could also send a message to the station’s sponsors.
– First, introduce yourself and your connection to the community [if
you are a NJ resident, make sure that is clear]
– Express your feelings about the broadcast in a respectful manner
– Ask the station to meet the following demands from the community
Whom do I contact? [Send a copy of your correspondence to saalt@saalt.org]
Eric Johnson, Station Manager
New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio
P.O. Box 5698
Trenton, NJ 08638
(609) 771-8181

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