NY/NJ Bengali Newsletter [June 03, 2005]

NY NJ Bengali Newsletter [June 3, 2005]

Dear Friends,

As we move towards summer, all eyes (I mean Bengali eyes) are looking towards Manhattan, New York with great expectations. The 25th North America Bengali Conference is gearing up to greet Bengalis from all parts of the world. Are you joining them?

Today’s events list includes two very specific events to be held at the NABC 2005, the classical music sessions and the literary seminars. Classical music and Literature are two very fond subjects of any Bengali intellectual. This year, however, the NABC committee has opened up the classical music event to non-regsitrants also who may be interested to listen to these wonderful musicians without having to register for the full conference. See you all in Manhattan on July 2nd to July 3rd.

Many of you have been sending me event listings as long attachments (even pdf files). It is vey difficult for me to extract the text info from those files.So here are your two options:

1. Send me a text file, similar to my email listing give, who, what, why, when, where, (and howmuch) information. I’ll cut and paste it to my email.


2. Visit http://ethnomediallc.com/wpress, register yourself, log in and write in your announcement and mark it as a event category. You can post to other categories too like classified, reviews etc.

All my emails will refer to this site and my email will contain a summary of this entry too.
Please help me out.

Wish you all a very happy weekend.


Sudipta Bhawmik

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