Parenting : Do We Take it for Granted?

ECTA team at the EBC Radio Studios

ECTA team at the EBC Radio Studios

Recently, the ECTA Theatre team gathered together at the EBC Radio studios to talk about their upcoming ¬†theatre production “Palok” or “The Protector” (to be staged at the Edison Valley Playhouse, in Edison NJ on April 5 and 6). Using the play as a spring board, the discussion soon veered off to the different issues and challenges of parenting in the United States, especially if the parents are of Indian or Asian origin. Any modern society imposes some strict rules on parenting, primarily to prevent child abuse. However, the thin line between disciplining a child and abusing, is quite blurry especially to an Asian eye. We Asian parents are accused of being too pushy, to harsh and strict on our children. Sometimes our lack of patience in letting a child correct himself, results in outright abuse in the eyes of Western Law. At times, we go to the other extreme and neglect our child, by not taking care of their well being, leaving them home alone for long hours etc. etc. We are often not aware of the child protective laws in this country and treat our children the way we were treated back home during our childhood. The play “Palok” ¬†(which means the rearer or the protector) deals with these topics and the team, joined by some enthusiastic callers, got into a heated discussion that I am sure you will enjoy. And after you listen to this discussion (click the player below), you may even be interested in coming to watch the show.

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