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If you are interested, you may read a review of my collection of plays (Natak Samagra) in 47th issue. The link is given below.

Please noteĀ  that your browser should be able to render dynamic font. Here is what Parabaas suggests if you cannot see Bangla fonts.

What you can do if the dynamic Bengali font is not rendered

1. If the URL shows as “…”, try first by inserting a “www.” before “parabaas”–i.e. “…”.

2. Download the itxbeng.ttf font and save it in the font directory of your computer. {To do that, (a) first download the font and save it, say, on the Desktop. (b) Click ‘Start’ -> ‘Control Panel’ -> ‘Fonts’ (c) “Drag and drop” (or “Copy and Paste”) the downloaded font from the “Desktop” (or wherever you have saved it) into the Fonts directory.)

3. From the Menubar in Microsoft Explorer choose ‘View’ -> ‘Encoding’ ->
‘User Defined’.

3a. If using Firefox browser, from the Menubar choose ‘View’ -> ‘Character Encoding’ -> one of the ‘Western (Windows)’ fonts displayed in the list.

4. On Netscape choose ‘Edit’ -> ‘Preferences’ -> ‘Appearence’ -> ‘Fonts’ ->
‘Use document specified fonts including dynamic fonts’.

5. Browsers older that Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 4.5 may not be able to
render dynamic fonts. Netscape 6.2 is also unable to render dynamic fonts.
If your browser is unable to render the Bengali font because of the above
reasons or due to a setting that intereferes with dynamic fonts, the easiest
remedy is to download the font ‘ItxBeng’ from this page and load it in your

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