Satyameva in Kolkata

Satyameva Scene Finally, our team (Ethnomedia) concluded their four day run of “Satyameva” at the Sujata Sadan hall in Kolkata. It was an emotional roller coaster ride for me, but for Indranil and Sankar Ghoshal, it was both emotional as well as physical.
The city weather was brutal this time. Rains, floods and sweltering heat sapped off all energy and enthusiasm that they had carried on with themselves. The weather not only was unfavorable to the actors, but also to the audience who wanted to come to the show. Still the show had quite a few of the top theater personalities and media critics on their seats. The celebrities included people like Madhavi Mukherjee, Bibhas Chakraborty, Ashok Mukherjee, Chandan Sen, Ishita Mukherjee and few others. And it seems they liked the play, as did the other audience members.
Bibhas-da in his email said, “Ek kothay, Bhalo Legechhe”. Ashok Mukherjee commented, “Hats off to you! A wonderful play, executed wonderfully”.
Anandalal wrote in a short review in “The Telegraph”,

The Bengali-American group Ethnomedia from New Jersey, which stunned Calcutta last year with Ron, returned for the world premiere of dramatist-director Sudipta Bhawmik’s Satyameva. A senior executive body-shopping software engineers fires his incompetent new recruit, who pleads that he should not be sent back to India. By a remarkable plot of twists and turns (perhaps too many of them) Bhawmik conveys older Bengalis’ nostalgia for their birthplace and younger Bengalis’ desire to emigrate to America. Sankar Ghoshal and Indranil Mukherjee respectively give realistic portrayals of these parts, but the playwright’s craftsmanship tends to get the better of heartfelt emotions, which we had found in Ron.

Also you’ll find attached a review from “Sangbad Pratidin”.

Overall, the show was quite successful. Thanks to the wonderful support by Ganakrishti (who presented our show in Kolkata) members. Without them, it was quite impossible for us to stage the show.

Now we need to plan for a local staging here in New Jersey. Stay tuned.

Pratidin Review

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