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Suranjana and Pallab in BanaprasthaI’d like to express my sincere thanks to all those of you who came to watch our play “Banaprastha” (The Retirement).  We had full houses on all the four days and it was a testament to the fact that New Jersey Bengalis like to watch quality theatre if we can offer them. However, it was not only Jerseyans who came to our show, people came from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York city and even Buffalo New York. The overall feedback has been extremely positive,  and people are asking for more shows.  Such encouragement is what makes all this hard work worth it and drives us to our next venture. We hope that with your good wishes, we’ll be able to keep up with your expectations and put New Jersey on the map of serious and quality Bengali theatre for time to come.

Thank you once again for supporting us.

2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. No, thank you! These are the types of shows that people should spend their valuable time on, because it actually says something about society and the world we live in. Although I did not get to see the whole performance (my own schedule has been beating me up), from what I did see, I would like to give YOU ALL thanks for a job well done, and kudos to a fantastic writer and director who know what it means to put on a great show!

  2. The tempo of the play “Banaprastha” increases rapidly, as the suspense and the family drama captured my imagination. The acting is superb, with the performers deeply engrossed in the Stanislavsky method. The script is woven into the fabric of the conflict between the Past and the Present. Sudipta Bhawmik painstakingly researched the material, which also adds to the play’s unabashed realism. With tiny bits of sprinkled wit, “Banaprastha” deserved to be seen by a wider Bengali and English-speaking audience.

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