Barack Obama’s Strategy for a New World

On 15th of July, 2008, Barack Obama laid out his foreign policy strategy in very clear and specific terms. He talked about how he would end the war in Iraq, how he would like to combat terrorism and end the oil based conflicts by reducing our (as well as other nations) dependency on oil. His plans call for getting back the world’s confidence in America, to get back some of its lost credibility by working together with the nations of the world to combat terrorism, reduce oil dependency and control climate change. He even talks about his willingness to sit down and talk to Iran about resolving the nuclear crisis.
All this may sound quite idealistic, but I guess at this point of time this idealism gives some hope to make things right. Any idealism can succeed if it is supported by the people. Let’s hope that Barack gets the support he deserves and brings in the change he envisions.
Watch the speech in this embedded video.

One thought on “Barack Obama’s Strategy for a New World

  1. “Barack Obama laid out his foreign policy strategy in very clear and specific terms.”

    No he did not! He just repeated a bunch of played out terms. But I am sure my definition of spesific is not just platitudes.

    Although, I am not sure it matters a cause we are in for a typical “big goverment can solve everything” and “I am entitiled to everything without any accountability” policies for at least the next 4 years.

    I just wonder where will the money come from for all the freebies….oh wait there are always the biggest suckers… payers….us.

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