ETV Bangla New Schedule for USA

ETV BanglaETV Bangla has changed its broadcast schedule in USA. They claim that the schedule is now follows the current Kolkata broadcast schedule only with the time shifted. In other words a show at 8.00pm in Kolkata will be broadcast at 8.00pm Eastern in USA. Although, now we have the privilge of watching the current shows instead of  a huge lag, the popular serials have now fast forwarded quite a bit with lot of story being lost in the process. The scheduling also doesn’t seem to be stabilzed – we often have to experience erratic programming.

The second issue is that the advertisements seem to have increased quite a bit. A short segment of broadcast is followed by a prolonged advertisement most of which are irrelevant for US market (I don’t think we are interested in Baygon Spray or Glucon-D).

The third issue is that ETV does not bother to update their listings with Direct-TV database and hence it makes DVR (aka Tivo, PVR) recording a major problem. I had once sent an email to ETV, and they did update it once. But that’s it.

Let’s hope ETV gets their act together soon and make our subscription worth it.

3 thoughts on “ETV Bangla New Schedule for USA

  1. Following is the response from ETV.

    Dear Customer,

    We regret for the inconvenience caused to you.

    Right now, we are facing some issues with time delay. The process is in and it’ll take a day or two to set the things right back. Please bear with us.

    Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to serve you better.

    ETV Team

  2. Dear ETV Team,
    Your reply was on may 6, 09 and to day is Jan 8th 2010. We are still facing same problem.Why it is so hard to atleast update your listing with direct tv in USA.We can not record the listed programme if it do not match the show.
    This is a very unprofessional and inefficient management. We are paying high dollar for the channel and do not even have a service.Please respond.


  3. Does etv Bangla Team have any expertise to fix the problem of Program Schedule we are experiencing for a long time? The program shown does not match the program list shown by direcTV in the USA. Or is it that the etv Bangla team does not care about its subscribers.


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