It’s Showtime Folks!

Cassandra or Maybe a Chair's Tale

Cassandra or Maybe a Chair's Tale

Three months of gruelling rehearsals are over. Now comes the show time. This week, the cast and crew of “Cassandra or Maybe a Chair’s Tale” have been working in building the sets, transporting the furniture and props, setting up the lights and measuring their steps on the stage. Most theater groups like ours do not have the opportunity to rehearse extensively on the stage. We rehearse at one place and perform in another.  We then need to scale our moves to the new environment and in three dimensions – length, breadth and height.  And then on the show day, we put on our make-up and costumes, and get ready to step onto the stage under the limelight in front of a expectant audience – an audience who does not care how hard you have worked or what sacrifices you have made to reach to this stage. They expect perfection and they want to hear no excuses.  They want to be entertained, they want to get their moneys worth. And for this, all components of this complex machinery, of which the audience is also an integral part,  should work in perfect harmony. Only then, theater is created – art happens in front of our eyes, and we feel enriched – the audience as well as the performers. That’s why we toil for days and nights to create art.

This weekend, the cast and crew of “Cassandra…” will give their best to create theater – to create art.  I welcome you to come to Edison Valley Playhouse this weekend and join us to become a part of this exciting process.

It’s showtime folks!

For details, visit ECTA Website.

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