Mahabharata Episode 51: Karna and Kunti

Karna and Kunti

Karna and Kunti

With the war looming large, Kunti is scared for her sons. Although the Pandava brothers are strong and powerful, they are not invincible. The Kauravas have great warriors like Bhishma, Dron, Kripa and Karna, and with their combined might, they have the capability of destroying the Pandavas. And of all the Kaurava warriors, Karna is the most dangerous. With his superiors skills and a wide range of powerful weapons at his disposal, Karna alone can destroy hers sons, thought Kunti. Besides, Karna has made it his mission to kill Arjun. Kunti thought, the only way to stop Karna might be to reveal his true identity. Kunti decides to pay Karna a visit. To know the outcome of this meeting, listen to the episode by clicking the link below.

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