NABC 2012: Day 0

Today I leave for Las Vegas to attend the 32nd North America Bengali Conference. NABC in Las Vegas is quite intriguing, given the fact that Las Vegas is known as Americas Playground, and Bengalis are not really the sporty kind of people. Bengalis like to have their conferences in cozy, isolated places where they can have a great time watching plays, listening to music and having heated discussions. “Adda-baj Bangali” like me prefer to have their “addas” in their own little corners and not amongst hordes of tourists ogling at their expensive kurta-dhoti-saris, as if another Vegas spectacle is on parade.

Nevertheless, Bengalis have started to arrive at the Las Vegas McCarran Airport days before the start of the convention. Facebook newsfeeds have started to clutter the screen with Vegas photo uploads. Some of the performers and celebrities are also in town. Poet Bithi Chatterjee reported from Paris (hotel) – she is well in mood to pen down some Vegas poems. Swapnomoy Chakraborti, the celebrated short story writer, have landed by now and is liket getting inundated with story ideas.

And just like other years, some spoil sport disgruntled CAB life member is trying to stir up some controversy by sending out nasty emails. But I don’t think Bengalis are paying too much attention and are looking forward to have a good time in the Sin City!

I am also getting ready to board my flight with lot of expectations. I hope to meet many old friends and make more new friends. That’s what this conference is about. I wish all the performing teams, specially the domestic performers, all the best. Please do attend them and support their shows. I also hope you attend the literary seminar sessions and listen to the stories our Bengali friends around the world have to tell.

And if you are not attending NABC 2012, stay tuned my friends, I’ll try to post updates everyday from Vegas. Wish me luck.




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