(Un)Availability of Desh Patrika in USA

I have been an ardent reader of “Desh”, the premier Bengali literary magazine since my childhood days. As I moved to the US, I continued my subscription through the “House of Ananda”, a New York based agency of ABP (Ananda Bazar Publications). I could pay my subscription dues using a credit card or via Paypal through their website. I used to get the magazine regularly and in time. However, recently due to some mysterious reasons, the US based distribution ceased to exist and the magazine is now mailed directly from Kolkata. This resulted in two issues.  First, the magazine delivery became irregular and I missed few issues which I guess was lost in the mail. The delivery is also delayed. Secondly, the subscription process has become really complicated and ABP now demands the payment to be sent to their Kolkata office in the form of DD. This is totally unacceptable in current times. Technology has evolved and the days of demand drafts and money orders are long gone in the global market. I recently purchased a book from an Indian distributor who accepted credit card payment through their website and mailed me the book in less than two weeks.  Why can’t a huge publication house like ABP do this? Bengalis now live all over the world, and publishers and book sellers like ABP should cater to their international clientele using modern technology.  An email sent to the ABP office had no positive effect.   Publishers like ABP should learn a lesson or two from their international counter parts. Magazine publishers in USA use all kinds of methods to hold on to their subscribers. They try to make the subscription renewal  process as painless as possible. Where as, publishers like ABP seem to be happy to lose a few customers. To manage the loss of readership, all they can do is reduce the frequency of publication to monthly and then maybe to quarterly. That’s what they did when the reduced the frequency from weekly to fortnightly.

I hope, ABP comes to their senses and reinstates their foreign distribution centers and try to expand their business to the Bengalis living abroad.

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  1. I agree that some companies lack of customer service I have had a similar problem with NJPA (New Jersey Puja Association): I have not been happy with a lot of things about that organization especially in specifying the ticket prices on the flyers and website at the time of events. I have tried to contribute some ideas and suggestions and for some distorted reason I have been ignored. Therefore, I have decided to have my life membership money ($150) back. For the few weeks I have contaced the executive committee, including the president to kindly ask them to issue me refund, I even gave them my full explanation and still no response. As a member/consumer, if I am not happy with the services a business provide and I paid bid amount of money to meet those expectations, then I have the right to receive my refund. i may not be the first or the last person to complain about the characteristics of NJPA, but for telling this story in public is because this how I strongly feel and I want everyone to know what I went through. What do I have to do to get my money back? Complain to the State? Do I have any other choice? Please feel free to make any suggestions.

  2. As I was in the same situation regarding ‘Desh’, I was looking for online order site, and happened to reach this website.

    I sincerely hope that ABP realizes the large number of expatriate customers it is loosing every day because of their antiquated subscription and payment methods, and because of their non-existent of customer service.

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