Mahabharata Episode 19: Draupadi’s Insult

Draupadi's Insult

Draupadi’s Insult

Yudhistira bets his wife Draupadi in the game of dice and loses her to the Kauravas. Dussasana drags Draupadi to the assembly hall in front of everybody. And there, the Panchal princess is subject to the cruelest humiliation while her husbands sit still with their eyes shut and heads hung low. The Kuru elders, Bhishma, Drona, Kripa and Dhritarashtra also sit and watch the inhuman behavior of their descendants without raising a single voice of protest.  Listen to this exciting episode to know what happens next.

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Mahabharata Episode 18: The Game of Dice

The Game of Dice

The Game of Dice

The greatest mistake Yudhistira made in his life was to agree to play the game of dice with Duryodhana. He knew, the game wouldn’t be fair, but still he couldn’t refuse. His excuses were, that he couldn’t say no to his uncle Dhritarashtra, and also he would never retreat when challenged. But was that the real reason? Listen to this episode and be the judge.