Chhandayan Presents “Rabindra Natak”

Chhandayan Presents “Rabindra Natak” – plays inspired by Rabindranath Tagore in celebration of his 150th Birth Anniversary

The Last Flames
an ECTA production
Written and directed by Sudipta Bhawmik

Basanta Koomar Roy, an expatriate journalist from India, is credited by many as one of the key persons responsible in popularizing the Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore in USA.  But Roy fell from his idol’s grace for reasons that torment many a biographer and journalist even today.  “The Last Flames” attempts to re-examine the relationship between Roy and Tagore and provides a peek at the human side of the great Poet’s personality.

“Mrinal’s Letter”
an Epic Actors Workshop production
Concept and execution by Gargi Mukherjee

Based on Rabindranath Tagore’s Streer Patra

May 28, 4pm and 8pm

Actor Theater Workshop
145 West, 28th Street
New York, NY (3rd Floor)

Why are there Tears in Bengali Eyes?

By Amitava Sen

Have you noticed that the City of Joy has turned out to actually be a City of Billboards? The skyline as viewed from the roads is plastered with huge hoardings. If only they were placed somewhat lower, they could hide the squalor directly below. The displays for luxury apartments hang directly over the shack dwellings; advertisements for purified drinking water cast a shadow over the polluted cesspools that are the byproduct of cleaning and washing by the shanty dwellers. Then there are displays for fancy snacks and beverages, frowning directly on the people down below who live on less that one dollar a day. But the advertisers have a point in placing their billboards here, for they are not meant for the pedestrian hoi polloi, you can only view these displays from a distance if you are riding an automobile. In addition to the billboards, Calcutta has a tradition of roadside walls and building facades covered with paper posters, to be on the eye level of the passers by. The billboards are gaining in prominence as the car population in Calcutta is climbing exponentially every day. Continue reading