Did You Like Kaminey?

I mean Vishal Varadwaj’s latest film “Kaminey”. I liked it a lot! I was pleasantly surprised when I saw his previous film “Omkara”.  So I went to the theater with high hopes. And Kaminey exceeded my expectations. I can say that it is the best Bollywood gangsta movie ever made.  It is a treat to watch how this talented film maker has blended in violence with humor! The story telling style, the high paced and intelligent editing, the mood photohraphy and lighting, the music and the exemplary acting by the cast members reminds us that Bollywood film making has evolved a lot from the days of Ajit, Pran and Prem Chopra! Vishal Varadwaj is the Quentin Tarantino of Mumbai – he can create visual poetry with violence, he can create characters that get tattooed in your brain, and he can create wonderful music with Gulzar’s lyrics!

If you have seen the movie, let us know how you liked it.

And if you haven’t seen the movie – don’t sit there! Go to the nearest theater that’s screening “Kaminey”

ICC_GS Durga Puja

Indian Community Center of Garden State (ICC-GS) cordially invites you to the Durga Pujacelebration on 19th and 20th September (Saturday and Sunday) at Roxbury High School, located at One Bryant Drive, Succasunna, NJ 07876.

The biggest attraction is the cultural program with an exciting line-up featuring famous artists from Kolkata.

Amit Paul, the India Idol Runner-up will perform on Saturday, Sep 19th.

Jagannath and Urmimala Bose from Kolkata are the pioneers of ‘Shruti-Natak’ or talk theater. They will perform on Sunday, Sep 20th.

There will be special Bengali community dinner both the days.
For further details, please visit www.icc-gs.org

Durga Puja 2009 – Just a Month Away

Durga PujaBengali Associations of NJ are gearing up for the biggest festival of the year – Durga Puja. This year the festival starts quite early, around 25th-26th of September. Kallol, GSCA and Anandamandir will be celebrating their Durga Puja during that weekend.  And just like last year we should expect that the registration to start soon. GSCA has already opened their online registration, and Kallol is expected to open theirs in early September.

Last year (2008) was the first time when Kallol of NJ started their online pre-registration process and it caused quite a bit of furor amongst the Kallol regulars who failed to register early. The registration window was closed as soon as the guest count limit was reached and that left many people with a bad taste.  Some people were able to get in at the last moment (I don’t know how) but several people had to go back. I think Kallol needs to do something about this. Continue reading

Buying a Used Car

1998 Nissan AltimaRecently I was in the market to buy a used car for my son. It has been quite a long time since I bought a used or should I say “preowned” vehicle. Even when I had bought couple of “pre-owned” cars during my early days in this country, I bought them through my colleagues and friends. The first car I bought was a Dodge Aries wagon that was sold to me by a colleague of mine when I was desperate to get a car that had four wheels and could take me from my home to work and maybe some shopping. Hence I ignored several of its “minor” blemishes – like the rear passenger door which was disabled permanently. A previous accident had bent it awkwardly and  my colleague warned me that if I attempt to open the door from inside, it may swing out violently and injure a bystander. I never opened the door. But the car served me very well. It was the time when minivans were just appearing in the market and station wagons were in high demand to haul luggage to the airports. My friends loved the car. It could sit six people quite comfortably and the huge trunk could pack in a whole apartment. Continue reading

IIT KGP Alumni – East Coast Summer Picnic 2009

IIT KGP Alumni – East Coast Summer Picnic 2009

Hi Alumnus –

Our 12th annual picnic is scheduled for Saturday, September 12, 2009 (rain or shine) at the same park as last year (but different pavilion). Please join us, and bring your family/significant other. Invite your group of friends, and bhaat, play and chill.

When: Sat, Sept 12, 2009, 11am-4pm

Where: Oak Grove Pavilion within Duke Island Park, Old York Road, Bridgewater, NJ

Park Contact: 908-722-7779, http://www.somersetcountyparks.org

Cost: $20/adult (16yrs and above), $5 (6-15 yrs); Cost goes up after Sept 1

Catered Indian lunch will be served at 12:30pm. Please bring along any games or sports equipment (e.g., soccer, volleyball, cricket, baddy).

To register and pay by credit card, please click on paypal links below (you don’t need to be paypal members):

1 Adult ($20): IIT KGP Picnic – Early Registration – Single ($20)

2 Adults ($40): IIT KGP Picnic – Early Registration – Double ($40)

1 Child ($5): IIT KGP Picnic – Early Registration – 1 Child ($5)

2 Children ($10): IIT KGP Picnic – Early Registration – 2 Children ($10)

If you prefer to send a check, please send to: Ajit K Agrawal, 315 West End Avenue, #8B, New York, NY 10023.

KGP ka tempo HIGH hai! See you on Saturday Sept 12.

Ajit Agrawal (ajit_k_agrawal@yahoo.com)

Subhodev Das (subhodev@att.net)

Websites: http://iitkgpny.community.officelive.com/, http://www.iitfoundation.org/chapters/

Jadiyo Galpo – A Review

Review of Jadiyo Galpo

Subrata Ghosh, an emiment theater critic from Kolkata, recently reviewed Theater Workshop’s production “Jadiyo Galpo” in Desh patrika.  The play is directed by Ashok Mukhopadhyay. “Jadiyo Galpo” is the play that we had staged last year as “Satyameva”. Check out this review and tell your friends and family in Kolkata to watch this play at their latest opportunity.