Outsourcing and Us

Sudipta Bhawmik

The phenomenon of job outsourcing has been the topic of discussion in all circles these days. The high tech and IT sectors are specially affected by the outflow of high paying jobs to India and China. Initially it was only the relatively low paying jobs like call centers, medical transcription services were moving to India. But now highly skilled jobs like IT, semiconductor chip design, accounting and financial analysis jobs are also moving to India. But we all know that this is a natural phenomenon. High cost jobs will move to low cost areas. The laws of physics are equally applicable to economics and finance, at least in this case. It is fruitless to try to resist this flow. My question is how we, the so-called non-resident Indians are or NRIs are reacting this phenomenon? Continue reading

Are Bengalees ready for a Blog Site of their own?

Amitava Sen

If you are not reading or writing in Blogs you are completely out of touch, you are totally un-cool , you are ouside the intellectual landscape; plainly speaking you have forfeited your claim to the membership of “Antel-dom”. Today blogs wield enormous power and influence over politics, society and even literature and publishing, rivalling network news and newspapers. The Blog derives its name from the word Web logs. The word Blog was coined in 1997, where you can post daily scribbings, mostly critiquing anything and expressing any well formulated or stray thoughts. The idea caught on with lightning speed so much so that according to Technorati, the blog tracking site, 70,000 blogs are being launched every day worldwide. Technorati tracks over 20 million active blogs in real time. Most blogs turn out to be servicing specific subjects, specific interests and specific groups, specific may always not be in their contents but in their souls. So what is baring Bengali souls in North America? Continue reading