Aila Causes Devastation in West Bengal

I am watching the devastation caused by hurricane Aila on ETV Bangla news. It looks really bad. Although the local adminstration has ramped up the rescue operation quite efficiently, the wide spread destruction is very difficult to handle. The recent election seems to have been responsible for this quick response from the Left Front State Govt who wants to prove that they have not lost contact with the people. The Trinamool leaders on the other hand is using this disaster to prove themselves as the viable alternative in the state.  The White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had once said, “… a crisis like this cannot go to waste.”  The West Bengal politicians do not want this opportunity thrown to them by Aila to be wasted either. This is an excellent opportunity to prove themselves.
Whatever may be the reason, if  the state politicians for a change work in favor of the people, it would serve them as well as the people.