Indian Food and Weight Watchers

For folks who follow the Weight Watchers diet system of points, the following table illustrates some of the popular Indian food items found in restaurants. However, note that this is not what we eat at home on a daily basis.  Now how do we calculate points for Maachher Jhol, Begun Bhaja, Mung-dal, Posto-bata?

Wise Choices POINTS Value
Raita, 1/2 cup 1
Chapati bread, 1 piece 2
Puri bread, 1 piece 2
Nan bread, 7 x 8-inch piece 4
Tandoori chicken without skin, 1 piece 4
Chicken tikka, 4 oz 5
Bean and lentil stew, 1 cup (dal maharani) 6
Not-So-Wise Choices POINTS Value
Samosa (fried vegetable or meat patties) 3
Lamb korma (spicy curry), 1 cup 15
Chicken curry, 1 cup 10
Vegetable fritters, 1 cup 10
Lamb biryani, 1 cup 14