Skype Beware! Google Voice is Coming!

Google has announced a new service, Google Voice. In 2007 Google acquired GrandCentral, a phone management service, for $50+ million. Since then GrandCentral was almost forgotten. Now Google unveils the GrandCentral service as voice call service that can give Skype a run for their money. With Google Voice, a subscriber can have a single phone number and any call made to that number will be forwarded to all your phones – home, cell, office or your hotel room. Calls using Google Voice is free within USA. International calls will cost around 2 cents a minute. The other features include sending, receiving and storing text messages, listen-in feature to listen to calls before taking it, voice mail and voice mail transcript service that allows storing and archiving of voice mail messages as text and many other features.
Currently Google Voice service is available only to existing GrandCentral customers. But as soon as it does open its doors, it will surely cause a major dent to Skype and other similar services. Let’s just wait and see how it rolls out.

Chhandayan’s 10th Annual All-Night Concert of Indian Music

Saturday, May 9th from 7 p.m. until Sunday, May 10th 6 a.m.
at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West, 64th Street (corner of 64th Street and Central Park West), New York, NY 10023

New venue, new time – we are starting and ending earlier than before.

It will be one of the most exciting all-nights we ever had with :

  • Duet by George Ruckert (Sarod) and Allyn Miner (Sitar) – Shri Nitin Mitta on Tabla.
  • Bidushi Mitali Banerjee Bhawmik (vocal) – Shri Sailendra Mishra on Tabla, Shri Kedar Naphade on Harmonium
  • Tablaphilia, composed by Samir Chatterjee and performed by the 25-member Chhandayan Tabla Symphony
  • Pt. Vidyadhar Vyas (Vocal) – Shri Dibyarka Chatterjee on Tabla, Shri Kedar Naphade on Harmonium
  • Pt. Soumitra Lahiri (Sitar) – Samir Chatterjee on Tabla
  • Smt. Padma Talwalkar (Vocal) – Shri Utpal Dutta on Tabla, Shri Suyog Kumdalkar on Harmonium
  • Pt. Viswamohan Bhatt (Mohan Veena) – Samir Chatterjee on Tabla.

For further information and online ticket purchase please visit or call us at 973 460 5282.

Bhoomi : The Modern Voice of Bengal

bhoomi bangla band - surojit, soumitra, sanjoy, abhijit, hemantoBengali music found its new voice through band music that has recently proliferated across the land and one of the pioneers of this music is “Bhoomi” the legendary band from Kolkata. The key to Bhoomi’s success is their use of Bengali folk tunes and enrich them using modern musical arrangements. The six member team, with occasional guest artists, have been entrancing their audiences since 1999 with their captivating music. Folk musicals styles like baul, bhatiyali , moishaal, jhumur,saari gaan and qawaali constitutes the primary source of inspiration for Bhoomi’s music. Continue reading

“Origins of the Financial Crisis” and Other Lessons

While the current economic crisis still bogging us down to our knees, I chanced upon an insightful lecture by Dr. Alan Blinder, a Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. A world renowned economist, Prof. Blinder speaks very eloquently about the multiple causes and culprits of the current economic crisis and also spells out the possible remedies. It was an extremely educational experience for me, and I think will be the same for many people like me who keep on hearing multiple different stories from different sources. Continue reading